My 1st Blog


Welcome to Farzopolis and my first blog! I’ve been thinking about blogging for quite a long time so I’m excited to get started. My first blog….geesh, what should I blog about? Well, I’m sitting in an airport waiting area right now and let me tell ya, there are a lot of characters around me that are definitely providing some inspiration. There’s the young dad having such a great time playing with his daughter. He doesn’t seem to be concerned about appearing ‘macho’ or fitting into societal norms that say what is and isn’t ‘manly’ behavior. He’s laughing away and making sure his daughter knows her daddy loves her. Seems pretty perfect to me.

There’s the group of business travelers all sitting together exchanging back and forth work-related banter. I probably shouldn’t be eavesdropping (I’m not really, just observing life in front of me I suppose). In between comments I catch quick expressions on their faces that remind me of junior high kids who are trying to say the right things to gain the approval of their friends. They’re all acting nonchalant but these brief expressions on their faces, that last milliseconds, give the impression that they are just a bit insecure. I can understand that I suppose. There’s always that line between personal and professional with work colleagues where you want to say what’s on your mind but at the same time maintain that professional boundary.

Oh, a group of flight attendants just walked by. Now there’s a group that seems to be having fun! In an otherwise quiet waiting area, these two girls and one guy are providing a lot of fun distractions. They don’t seem to mind the rest of us listening in on their conversation about what they just ate and how the guy apparently had no problems finishing what one of the girls left on her plate. They’ve got big smiles on their faces that seem like they’re genuinely having a great time. Don’t seem to be any personal/professional boundary issues here.

I could keep going but I think this gives you a taste of what my blog will sometimes look like. My partner once told me that I should write a blog because I seem to have this running commentary on life. I happen to agree – I think I’ve always been this way. I like to watch the people around me interact with each other and their surroundings. If you haven’t ever done so, try it out. Just pick any public place, find a vantage point and take it all in. The snippets of conversations you’ll here, the body language you’ll see watching the interactions between the people around you are all better than any reality show on TV, I guarantee it!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Stay tuned and please check back often as I share the world, as I see it, on Farzopolis.

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